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10 Shocking WWE Divas Wardrobe Malfunctions

Lets see some boobs. lol just kidding... or am I? Here is a look at the most shocking nip slips and things like that ever caught on WWE TV.

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Top 10 Best Wrestling YouTubers

Who are the best wrestling YouTubers out there??? There are so many but here are the best 10.

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Shine 37 Craziest Moments

A great iPPV was held the 2nd of September 2016 in Ybor City, FL. It was the all female promotion Shine.

Here was their 37th installment and the craziest events of that night.


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Lance Storm WrestleCon 2016 Mania Moments Brunch

Yes! The man from Calgary (dramatic pause) Alberta, Canada talks about his favorite WrestleMania moment and I'll you all now... it was a doozy of a fucking story that you have to see.

Well here it is... ENJOY!!!

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EVERY WCW world title change in 2000!

I know I haven't posted here lately but you can go to my new blog or website for everything -[extreme-vampyr]- . But for now let's see how fucked WCW was in 2000.


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Muhammed Ali The Champ Tribute

This is my tribute to the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali... may he rest in peace.

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No Holds Barred (100th Episode!) | Wrestling With Wregret

I love Brian Zane and his Wrestling With Wregret videos. So here is his review of the god awful No Holds Barred. This would be the only way I would watch it.

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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Craziest Moments

What a wild PPV. Nothing really groundbreaking but it was a good one i'll give WWE that. And what were the craziest moments??? here lets see in this special recap.


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Chyna The Ninth Wonder Of The World Tribute

I know. I'm a month late but here is a special tribute to a fallen hero, Chyna. Rest In Peace.


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NWC Superstars Episode 1 08-04-2007

First ever video Extreme Vampyr has ever made. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Please let me know what you all think.


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ROH Global Wars 2016 Craziest Moments

A recap of the craziest and wildest events of ROH and NJPW's Global Wars 2016 PPV. It includes the top 8 moments and a top 5 coolest ring gear of the night. Enjoy!!!

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Adam Rose Gets Arrested

I know everyone on the goddamn internet has heard and probably seen a shitload of videos and articles of the latest happenings of Adam Rose, but I thought I'd give it a try.

14 Wrestlers Who Died In The Ring

Here is a very dark and depressing video about wrestlers who died in the ring. This actually gives me the heebeegeebees. That being said, let's watch the video.

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The Craziest Moments Of WWE Payback 2016 -[count-downs]-

Here is a little video I put together recapping the events of this past Sunday's WWE Payback from Chicago, IL. It wasn't a bad show but a lot of weird shit went down and I chronicle thing craziest ones.


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Chyna Is The 9th Wonder Of The World - RIP Joanie Laurer

RIP Chyna
"9th Wonder Of The World"
1970 - 2016
Chyna, The 9th Wonder of the World has passed away last night. She was 45 years old and too young to leave all of her wrestling fans from around the world. I was a huge fan of hers growing up as she was a stunning, striking sight to see on my TV screen. I've always had a fascination with womens wrestling but that may never be if it wasn't for Chyna.

Chyna with Freddy Krueger
As I found out about this I was confused about how to feel. Her actions and history lately was nothing to be proud of and it diminished what respect I had for her. A hero had fallen from grace. But I never wished this upon her or anyone. I always thought she would get better and live a great life into her golden years.

Sadly her demons caught up with her and now she is gone. She was a true pioneer in womens wrestling. She also was a very big part of the boom period of pro wrestling in the late 90s. Theres no doubt she will be remembered as an icon from this point on.

Chyna was a beauty
I know I posted a blog tearing into her for no showing WrestleCon in Dallas. But it was only meant to be an observation and for me to vent about her behavior and disrespect to her fans. I just now changed the title to the post out of pure respect for her and her family. I don't really feel that way towards her. At least not anymore.

SHe is gone now and I hope that she is now at peace. We will remember her as the asskicker she was and the amazing iconic person she showed she could be. AN inspiration to all and an inspiration to many little girls out there. I will one day show both my daughters who Chyna was and hope one day they will be inspired by her too.

Rest In Peace, Chyna, Joannie Laurer. You are now with your fellow angels.


(CNN) - Joan Laurer, the groundbreaking female wrestler known as Chyna, has died.
Police in Redondo Beach, California, confirm that Laurer, 45, was found dead in her apartment on Wednesday. Police say they were notified by a friend who went to check on her and found Laurer unresponsive. The cause of death is under investigation, but police say there are no signs of foul play.
Chyna and wrestler Triple H pose for a photo in 1999.
"It is with deep sadness to inform you that we lost a true icon, a real life superhero. Joanie Laurer aka Chyna, the 9th wonder of the world, has passed away," said a post on her website
After graduating from the University of Tampa, Chyna started training in the world of professional wrestling and in 1996 was named the "Rookie of the Year for the Women's Championship," according to her website. She wrestled in the Royal Rumble and King of Ring tournaments and became the only undefeated Women's Champion in WWF (World Wrestling Federation) history.
"Thoughts and prayers go out to Chyna's family. She was always cool with me. #Rip9thWonder," wrote wrestler James Storm on Twitter.
Stephanie McMahon of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) posted: "She was truly a pioneer in our industry, and she will be missed. #RIPChyna."
Chyna also appeared in TV, magazines, music videos and adult films. Her 2001 autobiography, "If They Only Knew," describes her as "part feminist, part superhero" and says "Chyna blazed a trail where no woman had gone before."

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10 Most Bizarre Hardcore Matches In Wrestling History

This should be a fun one. I already can think of a few already that should make the list. Let's watch!

10 WrestleMania Facts You Didn't Know

Even though WrestleMania is over and I am back at home away from Dallas. There are a plethora of videos that was posted at the time at ever since. Here are some more WrestleMania related content. Enjoy!!

Chyna No Shows WrestleCon

I thought I'd check out the website and see if they updated it with any kind of content, and what did I find??? An apology to the fans who pre ordered tickets to meet her an have an opportunity to get a picture with her and/or get an autograph with her. With an already ludicrous price of $50 for a photo op (higher than Kurt Angle, Rey Misterio, Kevin Nash, etc.), she had the balls to no show this event.

I have lost whatever little respect that I had left for her after hearing about this. Chyna?... Fuck You!!!!

Even though I didn't care to meet her at all, this was still very upsetting to know she would pull something like after pleading with her ex-friends like Triple H. She is no professional and she will never get into the WWE Hall Of Fame at all. And if she does go in, that's when I stop watching WWE TV and unsubscribe from the WWE Network. This was bullshit and we all know it.

Anyways here is the letter from the WrestleCon website. See for yourself.


Dear Chyna Advance Ticket Holders:
I wanted to take this opportunity to first apologize for Chyna’s behavior and obvious not showing this past weekend at Wrestlecon. 
Just to give all of you an idea on how hard we worked to get her to Dallas, we received a call at 6am Friday saying she had missed her flight and no one could find her. When she was finally located at about 11am Dallas time, she was incoherent and not of proper mind.  Through her slurring she asked that I please purchase a NEW airline ticket for her costing another $352 on top of the already $800+ that was spent on her and her manager to miss the first flight.  Knowing how much Chyna meant to all of you we purchased the ticket again only to find out that night she checked into the airport but just never got on the plane.
Since Saturday, we have been in contact with Eventbrite and finally figured out the issue and have corrected it.  We needed to wire back to Eventbrite all of the ticket sales so Eventbrite can personally refund the tickets since its not a one or two person thing. This has happened today and we should exprect the refunds to be completed by Friday from what I am told by Eventbrite.
Once again I am sorry for Chyna’s actions and hope that all of you will return next year to Orlando for WrestleMania 33 and WRESTLECON!
Once we know who we will be working with, we would like to send each of you an offer code for 20% off any ticket orders for our guests as our way of saying we are sorry.
Thank you once again and we look forward to seeing all of you in 2017!  
John Smithers
Steelcage Signings
Please continue to follow us on Twitter @Wrestlecon for all updates

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Six Hours Til I Leave To Dallas

As I've posted yesterday, I am WrestleMania bound. And now that there are 6 hours til I actually leave.

Me and my Fiance are so excited. We have tickets for Friday's and Saturday's WrestleCon convention where we can get autographs and photo ops from a number of pro wrestlers. It's a who's who of wrestling past, present, and future.

HBK, Kurt Angle, and ReyMisterio are the bigger names. But there are a number of other stars as well. Raven, Lance Storm, Missy Hyatt, Road Warrior Animal, Rick and Scott Steiner, plus a plethora of others.

To find out who will be there go to

But who I am really excited to meet is Jessicka Havok.

Yes, out of all the stars that are being available to meet, she takes the cake. I've been a huge supporter of hers for over 5 years now. When I first saw her it was a DVD of WSU and I was a fan of women's wrestling. So when I saw her in action, I immediately thought this woman is special. She was all goth like, which is how I am. She was tall and bigger than most women.

I saw a star. Hopefully she will be on TV again soon. And hopefully I will get a pic with her and cherish that moment forever. When I do get that photo op, I will post them on my Twitter account @vampyrnick79 .

Anyways I could write and blog for the next 5 hours but I do need to get things in order before I leave. See you all in Dallas. And talk to you guys soon.


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1 Day Until Dallas!!

Site of WrestleCon 2016
- Dallas, TX -
Here is my life and plans as I prepare to make my way to Dallas, TX for WrestleCon and WrestleMania on Sunday.

As I prepare I am binge watching some wrestling shows. As we speak I'm watching TNA Impact as I start my Wednesday afternoon.

There are a lot of things I have to pack. Clothes, money, toothbrushes, the freaking tickets for everything. Hopefully I don't forget anything. My fiance has packed a lot of shit as if we are moving to Dallas. But I asked her not to take as much stuff but only what we need to survive, not what we can get mugged for. I say that jokingly but I really don't know what local yahoos that will be lurking in Dallas, TX.

Anyways, I'm preparing as much as I can. This isn't just a chance for us to be with thousands of other pro wrestling fans, this is a chance for us to get out of the house and do something fun and exciting. Its going to be a blast.

That being said theres not a whole lot else that I can say. We do want to see things. Like the JFK memorial. I'm into paranormal things so a few haunted places would be cool. But I think we will more than likely have ourselves a few drinks at a watering hole or bar since we do not get to do that very often.

Other than that we are going to be at WrestleCon the 3 days they are there. Plus there will be a lot of activities and traffic throughout the city. So timing is important. Anyways, we plan on having as much fun we can stuff into 3 days of action. Pro wrestling action that is.

Well, that's all for now. Follow me on twitter. My handle is . Stay tuned!!!


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Top 8 Worst Things About the Wrestlemania Rage Party | Wrestling With Wr...

Another WrestleMania video for the day! This time Brian Zane focuses on the WrestleMania Rage Party that happened the night before WrestleMania 15. It's weird and fun so check it out.

10 Times WWE Got The WrestleMania Main Event Wrong

More WrestleMania related content as promised. This here is when the Main Event was changed or had added stipulations and shit like that. Bad promoting and which often resulted in and bad show. here are the top 10 times WWE got their shit all fucked up.

11 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About WrestleMania

It's WrestleMania week and the countdown is on. As I head to Dallas myself and experience WrestleCon and WrestleMania, I am posting the best WrestleMania videos I can find on YouTube. And here is the first. Thanks to WhatCultureWWE for all the videos I've been able to post now and in the past.

Anyways more videos to come and I'll see you all in Dallas.

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Countdown To WrestleMania And WrestleCon in Dallas Texas

Yes, I will be in Dallas for WrestleCon and WrestleMania 32. This video will tell you what my plans are...if you give a fuck.

Heroes of Wrestling (ft. Adam Blampied) | Wrestling With Wregret

Heres a video reviewing Heroes Of Wrestling. What? Don't remember this or heard of this? Well good for you. Why? Watch this and find out.

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Is Tna Impact On POP Good or Bad?

How do you feel about TNA and Impact On Pop??? Is it good or bad? Is it acceptable pro wrestling? Is it just totally unbearable to watch. I'm caught in between this mess.

But what do you think???

Do you hate #TNA #ImpactOnPop ??
— EXTREME VAMPYR (@vampyrnick79) February 26, 2016

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10 Infamous 'Before They Were Famous' WWE Cameos - Part 7

Here is what we need a look at some past cameos of famous stars.

WWECW! | Wrestling With Wregret

And now we look at the impressive (not) venture of resurrecting the original ECW in the WWE. Was it a success? Obviously not. But here is a look at what WWE did that was so bad. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shane McMahon Returns WTF?

So.... Shane McMahon made a surprising return on Monday. The Detroit crowd gave him a huge pop when his music hit. Why? I'm guessing the WWE and Vince McMahon need some sort of mainstream interest into what seemed to be a lack luster build for what is supposed to be the biggest WrestleMania of all time.

So now it's Shane vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania in a Hell In A Cell match for control of Monday Night Raw. In 2016. What? Or more specifically What The FUCK!!!???

Ok it looks promising but is this really what we wanted to see? And what is the possible outcome? Yes we are going to finally have a babyface GM of Raw but on the other hand the Undertaker has to lose AGAIN at WrestleMania. It's a mess but we still got 6 weeks till WrestleMania. Just gonna have to wait, watch, and see.


(Credit: Rolling Stone) - Shane McMahon just returned to WWE.
This might not seem like a huge deal if you don't follow the product – Shane is obviously the son of Vince McMahon, and he's only been away from the company for about six years. However in the years since he left, he's built a pretty respectable portfolio for himself, becoming the CEO of You on Demand, the first VOD service in China and serving on the board of directors for the International Sports Management agency. It was reasonable to think that Shane-O Mac might never make his way back to a WWE ring, and if he did, it didn't seem like it'd be anything more than a cursory bit of fan service.
But holy shit here we are at the beginning of Raw and Vince and Stephanie – who rose to power in the years since her brother left the family business – get stampeded over by "Here Comes The Money," which is still maybe the greatest theme in wrestling history. Out comes a graying Shane rocking Nike Dunks under a charcoal suit and the place goes nuts. It's one of the loudest pops of the last two years – which can be taken as either an endorsement of Shane's reputation or an indictment of Roman Reigns (and, by extension, Vince himself).
Shane-O has gathered something of a cult following over the course of his in-ring career. He's great on the mic and has been involved in some of the most momentous events in the company's kayfabe history – like when he acquired WCW from under his Vince's nose. But more importantly, the guy could really wrestle. Shane is an heir to a billion-dollar empire, but like his father, he was absurdly unafraid to take some vicious bumps. Like at Backlash in 2001, where he happily dropped an elbow on the Big Show from the Titantron, or at this Raw from 1999, which features one of the most aesthetically pleasing cage dives ever. It's often said in wrestling that as long as you're clearly trying, you will get over. Shane could've easily avoided some of the substantial risks he took in WWE, but instead he built himself into a legitimate star on the back of coast-to-coast dropkicks.
So in the storyline Shane is wrestling the freaking Undertaker at WrestleMania, and if he wins he gets control of Raw. This is, naturally, Vince being evil and setting up his son to fail because "Undertaker at WrestleMania" has long been the most immortal character at WWE. This will probably end in a loss so Shane-O can go back to all his important venture capitalist inclinations, but frankly that doesn't bother me. We're at least getting one more month of Shane, and I'm sure his baseball jersey at 'Mania is going to be glorious. You guys, we're going to see another giant Shane McMahon elbow drop. I can't wait.
Man, wrestling is really great sometimes isn't it?

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nWWEo | Wrestling With Wregret

Let's look into the time when Vince McMahon brought the NWO to the WWE. This should be interesting.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

WWF Simulcast RAW - OSW Review #52

It's your boys at OSW Review with an action packed WWF Raw simulcast. Funny as fuck as always. I might try to post all of these episodes of OSW. So here we go.

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Bryan Danielson vs Tyler Black Southern Navigation 05-09-08

Daniel Bryan - (The Best In The World)

In tribute to a great, yet shortened career, let's highlight some of Daniel Bryan's, a.k.a. Bryan Danielson, best matches. Here he is with a very young Seth Rollins, a.k.a. Tyler Black in ROH.

Rumblemania 4

The final installment of the Rumblemania series. Pretty much 2010 through 2015 so here it is.

Daniel Bryan Retires Tonight On Raw - Fuck NO!

As if this day wasn't bad enough, an announcement will be made on tonight's Raw that Daniel Bryan will be forced to retire. This is a hard blow to pro wrestling and most importantly the pro wrestling fans. I am a huge Daniel Bryan fan and followed his work throughout his career. This saddens me. Here's hoping he can have a life past wrestling.


Within minutes of Daniel Bryan announcing his apparent retirement via Twitter this afternoon, it vaulted to the top tier of the national trending topics, not to mention generated bittersweet headlines by outlets ranging from TMZ to Forbes. With one simple social-media statement, an icon of modern wrestling and deserving pop-culture phenom said goodbye to the sport he loved and labored for half of his life – the 34-year-old Washington native first enrolled in wrestling classes in 1999, at just 17 – and set about living as Bryan Danielson.

As indicated in Bryan's tweet, more will be revealed on the big stage of Raw tonight, amid his presumed final appearance as a semi-active competitor (and that will be duly recovered in my weekly recap of the show). But anyone who's been following his ups and downs over the past several years knows the gist: He's been knocked around, battered, bruised, concussed and operated on to the point where there was a choice he had to make, a crossroads familiar to so many of his peers: Keep performing at your own peril, or put health and longevity first and see what family and the future have to offer. And anyone who knows anything about Daniel Bryan knows that his body likely weighed in some months ago, but his heart and mind needed time to reconcile.
Whether with the slew of indies where he plied his trade as an interdisciplinary grappler or in WWE as an eccentric firebrand who galvanized millions with two index fingers and three simple letters (don't forget the exclamation point), Bryan committed himself physically, emotionally and unselfishly. It's why fans loved him, and probably why wife and WWE Diva Brie Bella loves him, even as his lengthy mane and unwieldy beard grow to Biblical lengths. Now, he has an opportunity to apply that loyalty and tenacity to being a father, husband and relentless advocate for – and example of – living simply and sustainably, which have become as central to Bryan's ethos as giving 100 percent in the ring.

WWE will carry on, as they always have, and as any employer does when even the most valued worker decides it's time to move on. And fans will find ways to pay tribute at house shows and TV tapings from coast to coast with "Yes!" chants and hoisted fingers, much like devotees of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin – another legend who knew when to stop lacing 'em up – still chant "What?!" and come to arenas in 3:16 shirts long after his final match. They'll talk about being part of the audience in person or at home the night Bryan won the Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans as fondly as when he and unlikely tag partner Kane sampled each other's antithetical diets at an Albany, New York diner. Never mind the lucky ones who witnessed his rise through the ranks of smaller promotions like Combat Zone Wrestling, Ring of Honor and Chikara. Over a 15-plus-year run, he left his mark as both cult sensation and mainstream inspiration. It's a remarkable twin feat that, by virtue of Bryan's painful-but-essential decision, he'll hopefully savor and see grow in influence for many decades to come. Or at least hear about from his friends who own a TV.

Botchamania 299


From the guy who brings you Botchamania, here is a special NoWayOutaMania.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bret The Hitman Hart Announces That He Has Cancer

(NBC News) - Retired professional wrestler Bret Hart, announced on Monday that he has been battling cancer.
"With hesitation and fear, I openly declare myself in my fight against prostate cancer," Hart said in posts across multiple social media platforms.

"In the next few days, I will undergo surgery with the hope of defeating this nemesis once and for all," Hart continued.

Hart has faced health issues in the past, most notably a 1999 concussion which resulted in his retirement from in-ring wrestling activity.                      

Prior to his retirement, Hart was a decorated performer for both the WWE, and the now defunct World Championship Wrestling. He held the heavyweight championship several times total during his tenure with the two companies.

He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006, and continues to make sporadic appearances for the organization.

- From The Extreme Vampyr himself I say, "Make a full recovery, Bret. I know you  can do it." I do really hope he makes it through this stage of his life. He is truly one of my all time favorites.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Review Is Coming!!!

Stay tuned for the review which I am currently working on. It's gonna take awhile but I'm hoping to get it done by this weekend or the beginning of next week. Thank you all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rumblemania 3

I do believe this is the last installment... Enjoy wrestling fans.

Rumblemania 2

And now part 2...

Rumblemania 1

Here is a new Botchamania video all about past Royal Rumbles. Should be fun.

Bryan & Vinny: TNA Victory Road 2009 Review

Here is an infamous TNA PPV with the worst match in the history of pro wrestling period. The dreaded Sharmell vs Jenna Morasca match. It's probably the worst PPV ever as well. Instead of me talking about it, watch and listen to Bryan and Vinny tear it a new asshole.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

5 DIRTY SECRETS The WWE Doesn't Want You To Know

Here is some dirty little secrets that supposedly happened and the WWE doesn't want you to know about. I have heard of all of these have you???


A very infamous incident from late 1993 involving Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious as told by many wrestlers who were there by way of shoot interviews... Enjoy!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Thoughts

Well It's that time of year again. WrestleMania season. And it began last night in Orlando, FL. It's the annual WWE Royal Rumble. And let me tell you what I thought of this annual PPV or event for WWE Network subscribers.

I had very low expectations on whether this PPV would be passable at best and... It was good. Yes I normally rip WWE programming to shreds but last night's WWE Royal Rumble delivered on many occasions.

I won't get into everything now because I will do that in a video which I am about to work on tonight. But I will tell you about certain aspects that I liked in this PPV. In fact I will post my top % favorite moments from this show starting ... NOW!

5. - KALISTO defeats ALBERTO DEL RIO to win his 2nd WWE United States Championship -
Ok this was a surprise as I didn't expect Kalisto to win the US Title again after losing it back to Del Rio one day after winning it. I figured they wanted to push the luchador so why not get an upset title win. And that would be the end of his push. I was wrong. As maybe many of you were too. In what was a competitive bout Del Rio's dirty tricks turned out to bite him in the ass as Kalisto maneuvered Del Rio into the exposed turnbuckle which led to his Salina Del Sol finish and the three. Good match. I don't know where this is headed but the former Samurai Del Sol is now a legitimate WWE superstar. Congrats, Man.

4. - THE NEW DAY and XAVIER WOODS introduce FRANCESCA #2 -
Another moment I thought was funny was the fact that Xavier Woods brought back his Trombone gimmick. Great. Without this prop The New Day are nothing but mid-card jokes. Now with an entertainment value back into play how long will this last until the fans backlash on them. Needless to say, The trombone was very over with the crowd and in turn so was the New Day as Jimmy & Jey Uso were booed out of ther building.

3. - SASHA BANKS returns and challenges CHARLOTTE for the Divas Championship -
Despite my pick to win, Becky Lynch, didn't win the title after Ric Flair's interference, a much awaited angle was shot. This pits Champion Charlotte against her NXT rival Sasha Banks. Sasha is awesome, even though she hasn't shown much of it while on the main roster. But now she will be able to shine. Hopefully rejuvenating this so called "Divas Revolution.

2. - TRIPLE H wins the ROYAL RUMBLE and becomes WWE World Champion again, dethroning ROMAN REIGNS -
The fans in Orlando booed the shit out of Roman Reigns. He had been getting over for the past month which is what the WWE wanted. But not in this city, which is the home of the great NXT. Meaning, Triple H was over as fuck in this building. And as was reported and predicted, Triple won the Royal Rumble for his second time and became the champ for his 14th time. This was the revenge he had been threatening via his wife Stephanie McMahon and it happened. Awesome. I'm not a huge fan of Triple H nor am I of Reigns but this obviously is what WWE needed to boost it's rather stale state of itself. Will this boost ratings too? That is yet to be seen. We will have to wait for the ratings to come out on Tuesday for Raw.

And my favorite moment of the 2016 Royal Rumble is...

1. - AJ STYLES debuts in WWE, enters #3  in the ROYAL RUMBLE -
I know I'm not the only one who popped when we saw AJ Styles walk down the aisle and entered a WWE ring. This was MY highlight of the night by damn far. He never executed the styles clash but it was referred to by Michael Cole at one point. Fucking awesome and surreal seeing the former TNA Champion, ROH star, and IWGP Champion in the land of giants. Even though he was eliminated by Kevin Owens, he lasted quite a long time for a debut. Plus the possibilities of different matches we could see in the future were previewed. Him versus Chris Jericho. Him versus Neville. Him versus Dean Ambrose. Hell, even him versus Brock Lesnar would be epic. This got me all squishy inside, even though we all knew of this happening 3 weeks ago via the internet. But it was just speculation. And now it became a reality.

This show was great for what it was expected to be. I'll be working on my complete review of this entire show, kickoff show and all. Hopefully it will be done within the next few days but I won't be promising anything.

Anyways let's hope WWE can keep up this momentum all the way until WrestleMania in Dallas. Don't hold your breath. Thanks for everything peeps and I'll be seeing you soon. Peace.


I will be posting my FULL Royal Rumble 2016 review this week so stay tuned for that on my YouTube channel:

ExtremeVampyr Channel

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WWE Diva Taryn Terrell aka Tiffany

I started searching for Sunny Sex Tape and got a bunch of videos of other former WWE divas like this one. 18+ please.

WWE Diva Taryn Terrell aka Tiffany

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sunny Sex Video - It's True

This is extremely graphic... poor Sunny or Tammy ... she sank so low
Posted by Extreme Vampyr on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Not much to say other than she sank so low and this is so sad  but.... I would like this whole video. Who wouldn't?? 

Bryan & Vinny: ECW December To Dismember 2006 Review (Part 2/2)

Now here's part 2. This is hilarious.

Bryan & Vinny: ECW December To Dismember 2006 Review (Part 1/2)

A very special video. It's The Bryan And Vinny Show reviewing WWE's horrible ECW December To Dismember PPV. They tear it apart. Here's part one of this review.

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Botchamania 297

Here is another Botchamania video. I'll try to keep up on posting these videos as much as I can.

Botchamania 298

Here is another installment of the crazy, wacky world of pro wrestling in Botchamania!!!! Brother!!!

Top 10 WORST Moments in WWE History

What are the worst moments in WWE history. Check out the video to find out.

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Iron Mike Sharpe Passes Away

- Just wanna say that "Iron" Mike Sharpe was the jobber of all jobbers. Everyweek me and my brothers would see him either get squashed or beaten after a very competitive match. He had a unique gimmick and that was his injury that never healed. He will forever be embedded into my memory for being a long lasting "enhancement worker" for so many year during my childhood. R.I.P. Mike Sharpe. -

(PWInsider) - We are sad to report that former WWF star "Iron" Mike Sharpe passed away over the weekend in Hamilton, Ontario.  Sharpe, 64, was said to have been found in his apartment.  We are told that he had been dealing with a number of health issues in recent years.

Sharpe, a second generation talent, was best known for his long run with the World Wrestling Federation in the 1980s, where he was billed as "Canada's Greatest Athlete" and was a recurring performer for the company, losing TV and undercard matches on live events.  Working heel, Sharpe consistently wore a leather band around his forearm, which he used to batter opponents and occasionally, load and use as a foreign object to secure victories.  While he was most seen by the most eyeballs in this lower level role, Sharpe had a long career after following his father Mike and Uncle Ben into the business (where they were huge stars, especially in Japan) and was trained by the late Dewey "Missing Link" Robertson.  After breaking in wrestling in his native Hamilton, Ontario, Sharpe began making the rounds in the territory system of the day including Stampede, San Francisco and several years in Mid-South Wrestling, where he held a number of championships and a long run.  In 1983, Sharpe migrated to the WWF as the latest in a series of villains to challenge then-champion Bob Backlund.  Sharpe, managed by Lou Albano, was built up the card beating babyfaces like Larry Sharpe, S.D. Jones, Johnny Rodz and Tony Garea as a way to give him credibility.  "The Canada's Greatest Athlete" nickname was derived from Gene Kiniski often being described that way. Sharpe was moved into the main event picture as a headliner for secondary shows where he had a series of bouts against Backlund.  Once that series had run it's course, Sharpe settled into a mid-card role where he would win against undercard talents to maintain credibility but would lose to up and coming babyfaces to help build them up.  Sharpe would batter them with forearms and lock in his trademark bearhug before they would mount the comeback and score the win.  Around the same time, Sharpe also toured New Japan Pro Wrestling, teaming with Hulk Hogan, Bad News Allen and Jimmy Snuka against the New Japan stars of that era, including Kengo Kimura, Antonio Inoki, Tatsimi Fujinami and Riki Choshu.  Sharpe had a huge reputation within the business as a germaphobe and would often spend long periods of time taking showers after matches.  In his excellent book Bodyslams, Gary Michael Cappetta wrote of Sharpe once taking so long to shower at an event, when he returned to the locker room and dressed, he learned that not only had all the other wrestlers had left, but the venue had the lights out and he had been locked in.   Sharpe's reputation grew over the years, to the point that the USA Network "Psych" made a random reference to it once on an episode of the comedy. Sharpe was also well known for other eccentricities in the business.  He ran on his time, not anyone else's and while dependable in the ring, was rarely timely.  He worked out for hours on end, doing all sorts of unique (for the time) workout regimens.  Gorilla Monsoon would often remark on camera about Sharpe's attestment to fitness.  When WWF expanded nationally, Sharpe remained with WWF, used regularly against the top babyfaces on TV to give them solid matches.  He made appearances for WWF TV through 1995.  It is believed his last televised appearance was a loss to the Smoking Gunns at a Raw taping that year. Later in life, Sharpe opened up a training facility in Brick, New Jersey (right outside Asbury Park), which broke a number of stars who later worked on the national scene into the business including Chris "Crowbar" Ford, Mike "Simon Dean" Bucci,  the late Jerry "The Wall" Tuite and Mike "Ace Darling" Maraldo. "At the young age of 16, by chance - I had learned that Mike would be opening a wrestling school in Brick, NJ," said Chris Ford, best known to wrestling fans as Crowbar. "I would inevitability end up being Mike's first student. Mike enabled me and many aspiring young wrestlers to begin their journey and live out their dream of stepping into a wrestling ring. I will always be grateful that he opened that door for me and let me into this business that to this day I love being a part of. Rest In Peace and God Bless You Mike." Sharpe's influence was strongly felt over the next decade in the Northeast independent as well as many wrestlers, bookers and promoters who populated the 1990s Northeast independent scene, including Don "Donnie B" Bucci, Rik Ratchet, Lupus, Rowdy Bobby Piper, Big Bobby G, Helter Skelter, The Cannon, Matt Storm, and many others came out of Sharpe's school. "Mike Sharpe undoubtedly changed my life for the better from the second I walked in there in 1991," said Mike Bucci, who Sharpe invited to join into training sessions after Bucci had been there hanging out with friends who were already training under Sharpe. "I think that would be true for everyone who went to his school."  Sharpe regularly worked the independent scene until the 1990s before retiring and pretty much disappearing and quietly returning to Hamilton.   Sharpe's disappearance was one of the great mysteries of the last few decades within the business as a number of people who had worked with him, both inside WWE and outside, including his students, had tried in vain to discover where he was and what he was up to.  In the modern day wrestling convention scene, Sharpe, with his cult undercard status, would have obviously been booked if anyone had been able to contact him.  Sharpe, who wasn't on the Internet, was pretty much unaware.  In recent years, back and leg issues were said to have required Sharpe to use a wheelchair for mobility.  We are told he had been in and out of the hospital for some time dealing with circulatory issues that had led him to be bed-ridden, including the loss of a leg.  He had been released from the hospital just a few days ago. Sharpe had been cared for in recent years by those working for a local church in Hamilton and was well thought of in that community, often telling stories of his time in the business and giving advice on working out and bodybuilding. Sharpe's funeral services have not yet been finalized. wishes to express our deepest condolences to the family, friends and fans of "Iron" Mike Sharpe, who will forever be known as "Canada's Greatest Athlete."

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IWA King Of The Death Match '95 - OSW Review Let's Watch

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Yes it's Cactus Jack vs. The Funker in the main event... ENJOY!!

Sting Joins WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2016

Video from the 1/11 RAW officially introducing Sting as the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016 set for WrestleMania 32 weekend in Dallas.

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