Thursday, March 31, 2016

Six Hours Til I Leave To Dallas

As I've posted yesterday, I am WrestleMania bound. And now that there are 6 hours til I actually leave.

Me and my Fiance are so excited. We have tickets for Friday's and Saturday's WrestleCon convention where we can get autographs and photo ops from a number of pro wrestlers. It's a who's who of wrestling past, present, and future.

HBK, Kurt Angle, and ReyMisterio are the bigger names. But there are a number of other stars as well. Raven, Lance Storm, Missy Hyatt, Road Warrior Animal, Rick and Scott Steiner, plus a plethora of others.

To find out who will be there go to

But who I am really excited to meet is Jessicka Havok.

Yes, out of all the stars that are being available to meet, she takes the cake. I've been a huge supporter of hers for over 5 years now. When I first saw her it was a DVD of WSU and I was a fan of women's wrestling. So when I saw her in action, I immediately thought this woman is special. She was all goth like, which is how I am. She was tall and bigger than most women.

I saw a star. Hopefully she will be on TV again soon. And hopefully I will get a pic with her and cherish that moment forever. When I do get that photo op, I will post them on my Twitter account @vampyrnick79 .

Anyways I could write and blog for the next 5 hours but I do need to get things in order before I leave. See you all in Dallas. And talk to you guys soon.


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