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R.I.P. Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister

The wrestling world also mourns the loss of a legend. #RIPLemmy

I would always hang at the rainbow, crankintunes, just bcHE had & the slight chance, you could bump into THE MAN #RIPLemmy 🤘
— DolphZiggler(@HEELZiggler) December 29, 2015

#RIPLemmy One life, lived your way, from the beginning, till the end See you down the road my friend... Thank you for the gift of your sound
— Triple H (@TripleH) December 29, 2015

Thanks for everything man. You were the real deal onstage & off and a true gentleman. #RIPLemmyhttps://t.co/xcWJf9QDWF
— Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) December 29, 2015

For a full news article on the life and death of Lemmy go here http://theextremeworldvampyr79.blogspot.com/2015/12/lemmy-of-motorhead-dies-at-age-70-of.html

And for the top 10 Motorhead songs go here http://theextremeworldvampyr79.blogspot.com/2015/12/top-10-motorhead-songs.html

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Botchamania 296

WWE TLC, NXT Takover: London, and more...

Wrestling's Worst Christmas Moments: Advent Calendar Day #25

Sorry I missed posting this yesterday but I was really busy. Anyways here is the last one.

SPOILER: There is no actual Christmas Moment just a promo for What Culture's Invasion angle vids.

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Wrestling's Worst Christmas Moments: Advent Calendar Day #21

Christmas is almost here and from the looks of things I am not getting SHIT!!! Oh well here's another day of Awful Wrestling Christmas moments. Enjoy!!!

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Joey Ryan signs with YouPorn - Holy Shit!!!

Earlier this month, when a pro wrestler named Joey Ryan used his penis to overpower an opponent, he had no idea it would turn him into an instant celebrity.
Though he probably shouldn't have been surprised. After all, the 27-second clip of Ryan, uh, flexing his manhood during a match against the flamboyant Danshoku Dino is exactly the kind of thing that cuts through the clutter that clogs social media – ridiculous, slightly inexplicable, overtly sexual. That it featured a wrestler with an epic moustache (and took place in Japan) was merely icing on the cake. Naturally, the video went viral, and within days, Ryan was doing interviews with Vice and reading about his dong in the New York Daily News.
"It's been kind of unbelievable," he says. "Those 27 seconds have definitely changed my career."
And Ryan – who has spent the past decade wrestling around the world, helped found the L.A.-based Pro Wrestling Guerrilla promotion and briefly worked in WWE – was quick to capitalize on his newfound fame. He released a limited-edition "King of Dong Style" T-shirt (a play on the "Strong Style" of fighting that originated in Japan), signed on for the second season of Lucha Underground and began fielding offers from all corners of the globe. But, really, only one of them made sense: A sponsorship deal with YouPorn.
Or, more specifically, YouPorn Sports, a new division of the popular adult site created to endorse emerging athletes in a variety of sports. The site already has its own eSports team, and now, Ryan is joining the fold – inking a deal that will see him rebrand his finishing maneuver as "The YouPorn Plex" and wear YouPorn-themed apparel at future wrestling appearances. But despite his character's leanings (one of Ryan's themes is "Legalize Sleaze"), he won't be appearing in any videos on the site itself.

"I'm more like a brand ambassador," Ryan says. "They've already given me a bunch of hats and T-shirts – I'm wearing one of the hats right now."
(And he's already taken to the role. When asked if YouPorn was his favorite adult site, Ryan was quick to respond: "Isn't it everybody's?")
And while his new deal may seem silly to some, Ryan says it's about much more than just shock value. It will provide him with both financial stability and career flexibility, two things that are invaluable to any independent wrestler. And he's not too concerned about what his family might think about the move to YouPorn, either – after all, they're kind of used to this stuff by now.
"I'm not too worried about it," he laughs. "When I was in TNA [wrestling], I was doing a 'Size Matters' gimmick, and we had pretaped a Thanksgiving episode of Impact, so when it aired, I was sitting around the table with my family, and there I was on TV, just talking about how big my cock is."

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/sports/news/youporn-signs-joey-ryan-wrestlings-king-of-dong-style-20151218#ixzz3uhj656m1
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Wrestling's Worst Christmas Moments: Advent Calendar Day #18

OK this has to be the worst one I've seen so far... Big Vito as Santa Claus??? And the Boogeyman and his worms??? FUCK OFF!!!

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WWE Raw Review 11-30-15 - Reigns, Ambrose, Usos, League, Paige, Charlotte

This show can just FUCK OFF!!! But you'll know why when you see this almost 1 hour review of WWE Raw from November 30th, 2015. I know it's 2 weeks later but that's how long it took to create this fuckfest. Enjoy!!!

Wrestling's Worst Christmas Moments: Advent Calendar Day #15

OMG!!! I so remember this. Anyways it's from 1993 and it's Doink when he gets Dink. OMG! This is horrible. 10 more days of this?

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Stone Cold and Booker T's supermarket brawl: This Week in WWE History, D...

This took place in my neck of the woods, Bakersfield, CA. I used to live in Corcoran which is smack dab in the middle of Bakersfield and Fresno. Plus my Sister lives there and I think I remember her telling me she went to that supermarket.

Anyways, here's a blast from the past.

Wrestling's Worst Christmas Moments: Advent Calendar Day #12

Day 12. And the countdown continues... Hello and have a good Saturday.

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WWE NXT Review 11-25-15 - Best Yet

Its the first ever NXT review I have done. I really enjoyed making this video hope you all like it.

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10 Wrestler Deaths Ignored By WWE

Very depressing video but never the less here it is as a tribute to those who have fallen ...

Thank you http://whatculture.com

Justin Credible retires

So sad to hear that Justin Credible has retired. Not one of my favorites but he's been around. Check out this funny tweet by Jay Hunter...

SHIMMER Weekend deal - Discounts

Thought i'd post a link to the SHIMMER webpage for their Black Friday sale


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Extreme Vampyr's WWE Survivor Series 2015 Review! Raw Preview; TNA news...

A Video I made. Thought I'd give the world MY take on last night's WWE Survivor Series 2015. It's a review of the entire show. Please like or comment or whatever you can to spread this around. Thank you.

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10 Awful WWE Gimmicks That Immediately Died

Oh wow!! This should be a fucking doozie of a video. Haven't watched it yet but the title alone gets me wet. Enjoy!!!

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The PWI 500 topic

Check out these search results: https://twitter.com/hashtag/PWI500?s=09

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Top 10 Wrestlemania matches

Just in time for WrestleMania season here is the top 10 WrestleMania matches of all time. This comes from Watchmojo.com.


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Kimber Lee - She's a Wrestler

Here is a short documentary on indie female wrestler Kimber Lee. Thought i'd share this video as I just stumbled across this. I think she's a great up and comer in the pro wrestling scene and i'm a big fan. Enjoy!!!

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Top 10 Pro Wrestling Controversies

The Top 10 Pro Wrestling Controversies!!!

Here is a list of Wrestling most controversial events in its history...
Just thought I'd add this video. Its a very interesting list. Enjoy!

Give Divas A Chance

There is a lot of hoopla going around about the #GiveDivasAChance hash tag going around Twitter the past few days. Something AJ Lee has criticized good 'ol Stephanie McMahon for a tweet where she praise Oscar winner Patricia Arquette for her pro-womens rights speech.
Apparently AJ feels Steph is not creating equality in WWE either. This is causing a social media frenzy of course.
Also it had been pointed out that the divas tag team match on Raw was too short and didn't even showcase the divas properly. This is causing the hash tag #GiveDivasAChance to be the #1 trend as of this post in the US.
This has apparently got the attention of the main man in Sports Entertainment, Vince McMahon. And he has tweeted his thoughts on the subject.
I'm guessing this is all a publicitity stunt to create curious eyes as we all know it is Wrestlemania season. I'm betting money that's all it is.
Anyways, it creates buzz which is good for business but the authenticity of it is questionable. Keep an eye on this matter it could be interesting. I know I am. Goodbye for now. Peace!

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WWE Fastlane 2015

On The Road To WrestleMania...

Here we are. 35 days until the biggest night of the year, and the WWE brings us the last stop on the road to WrestleMania 31.

It's February 22, 2015 in Memphis, TN and surprisingly it was an overwhelmingly and shockingly good PPV. The WWE worked they're asses off to present a great card. Kudos.

In my first inaugural review I'm not going to critique each match one by one move for move. I have no time for that. I will, hoiwever, recap some of my favorite highlights of the night.

Mizdow. I can't wait til he finally puts The Miz out of OUR miz-ery. Ha ha, pun was intended.

New Tag Team Champs. I'm a fan of Kidd and Cesaro as a team and actually knew they were going over. BTW, nicde outfit from Nattie. A little sable-ish I thought. But can't wait to see what this angle has in store for us.

Paige. She was robbed but i'm sure its not over for her quest to be Diva's Champion again. I'm a huge Paige mark. Very Pretty. Oh, and i'm very fond of women's pro wrestling as you will learn more of in future posts.

Ambrose? Should have won the title but oh well.

Cena vs. Rusev? Good that Rusev went over but it was the same old Cena match just with a different monster heel. Lana is so hot.

Other than that the card still was very good and I very much enjoyed it. Oh... what about the main event?...

Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns. I was really hoping Bryan would win so we can see him go against Brock for the belt at Mania. But Roman more than delivered and Bryan showed him proper respect. The fans in Memphis didn't the shit pout of him so he looked very good. Not a huge fan of Reigns but he's a decent babyface to try and lead WWE into the future. Crius to see where Bryan goes from here as far as Mania goes.

Once again a great show. Put my seal of approval on it so definitely check it out.

Anyways I'm going to try and give more reviews to shows plus add video content you all might like so please come back.

Thanks for now. Let's see how Raw goes.

Oh shit!!! Wait!

Sting vs Triple H. I kinda marked out when Triple H brought out his sledgehammer and Sting countered with his trademark bat. Great segment. And while I'm at it Taker vs Wyatt looks interesting.

Wow! An amazing show. If wrestlemania is going to be like this or better it's going to be a good fucking show folks.

Well, catch ya guys later, follow me on Twitter, and see ya.