Thursday, April 7, 2016

Chyna No Shows WrestleCon

I thought I'd check out the website and see if they updated it with any kind of content, and what did I find??? An apology to the fans who pre ordered tickets to meet her an have an opportunity to get a picture with her and/or get an autograph with her. With an already ludicrous price of $50 for a photo op (higher than Kurt Angle, Rey Misterio, Kevin Nash, etc.), she had the balls to no show this event.

I have lost whatever little respect that I had left for her after hearing about this. Chyna?... Fuck You!!!!

Even though I didn't care to meet her at all, this was still very upsetting to know she would pull something like after pleading with her ex-friends like Triple H. She is no professional and she will never get into the WWE Hall Of Fame at all. And if she does go in, that's when I stop watching WWE TV and unsubscribe from the WWE Network. This was bullshit and we all know it.

Anyways here is the letter from the WrestleCon website. See for yourself.


Dear Chyna Advance Ticket Holders:
I wanted to take this opportunity to first apologize for Chyna’s behavior and obvious not showing this past weekend at Wrestlecon. 
Just to give all of you an idea on how hard we worked to get her to Dallas, we received a call at 6am Friday saying she had missed her flight and no one could find her. When she was finally located at about 11am Dallas time, she was incoherent and not of proper mind.  Through her slurring she asked that I please purchase a NEW airline ticket for her costing another $352 on top of the already $800+ that was spent on her and her manager to miss the first flight.  Knowing how much Chyna meant to all of you we purchased the ticket again only to find out that night she checked into the airport but just never got on the plane.
Since Saturday, we have been in contact with Eventbrite and finally figured out the issue and have corrected it.  We needed to wire back to Eventbrite all of the ticket sales so Eventbrite can personally refund the tickets since its not a one or two person thing. This has happened today and we should exprect the refunds to be completed by Friday from what I am told by Eventbrite.
Once again I am sorry for Chyna’s actions and hope that all of you will return next year to Orlando for WrestleMania 33 and WRESTLECON!
Once we know who we will be working with, we would like to send each of you an offer code for 20% off any ticket orders for our guests as our way of saying we are sorry.
Thank you once again and we look forward to seeing all of you in 2017!  
John Smithers
Steelcage Signings
Please continue to follow us on Twitter @Wrestlecon for all updates

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