Monday, January 25, 2016

WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Thoughts

Well It's that time of year again. WrestleMania season. And it began last night in Orlando, FL. It's the annual WWE Royal Rumble. And let me tell you what I thought of this annual PPV or event for WWE Network subscribers.

I had very low expectations on whether this PPV would be passable at best and... It was good. Yes I normally rip WWE programming to shreds but last night's WWE Royal Rumble delivered on many occasions.

I won't get into everything now because I will do that in a video which I am about to work on tonight. But I will tell you about certain aspects that I liked in this PPV. In fact I will post my top % favorite moments from this show starting ... NOW!

5. - KALISTO defeats ALBERTO DEL RIO to win his 2nd WWE United States Championship -
Ok this was a surprise as I didn't expect Kalisto to win the US Title again after losing it back to Del Rio one day after winning it. I figured they wanted to push the luchador so why not get an upset title win. And that would be the end of his push. I was wrong. As maybe many of you were too. In what was a competitive bout Del Rio's dirty tricks turned out to bite him in the ass as Kalisto maneuvered Del Rio into the exposed turnbuckle which led to his Salina Del Sol finish and the three. Good match. I don't know where this is headed but the former Samurai Del Sol is now a legitimate WWE superstar. Congrats, Man.

4. - THE NEW DAY and XAVIER WOODS introduce FRANCESCA #2 -
Another moment I thought was funny was the fact that Xavier Woods brought back his Trombone gimmick. Great. Without this prop The New Day are nothing but mid-card jokes. Now with an entertainment value back into play how long will this last until the fans backlash on them. Needless to say, The trombone was very over with the crowd and in turn so was the New Day as Jimmy & Jey Uso were booed out of ther building.

3. - SASHA BANKS returns and challenges CHARLOTTE for the Divas Championship -
Despite my pick to win, Becky Lynch, didn't win the title after Ric Flair's interference, a much awaited angle was shot. This pits Champion Charlotte against her NXT rival Sasha Banks. Sasha is awesome, even though she hasn't shown much of it while on the main roster. But now she will be able to shine. Hopefully rejuvenating this so called "Divas Revolution.

2. - TRIPLE H wins the ROYAL RUMBLE and becomes WWE World Champion again, dethroning ROMAN REIGNS -
The fans in Orlando booed the shit out of Roman Reigns. He had been getting over for the past month which is what the WWE wanted. But not in this city, which is the home of the great NXT. Meaning, Triple H was over as fuck in this building. And as was reported and predicted, Triple won the Royal Rumble for his second time and became the champ for his 14th time. This was the revenge he had been threatening via his wife Stephanie McMahon and it happened. Awesome. I'm not a huge fan of Triple H nor am I of Reigns but this obviously is what WWE needed to boost it's rather stale state of itself. Will this boost ratings too? That is yet to be seen. We will have to wait for the ratings to come out on Tuesday for Raw.

And my favorite moment of the 2016 Royal Rumble is...

1. - AJ STYLES debuts in WWE, enters #3  in the ROYAL RUMBLE -
I know I'm not the only one who popped when we saw AJ Styles walk down the aisle and entered a WWE ring. This was MY highlight of the night by damn far. He never executed the styles clash but it was referred to by Michael Cole at one point. Fucking awesome and surreal seeing the former TNA Champion, ROH star, and IWGP Champion in the land of giants. Even though he was eliminated by Kevin Owens, he lasted quite a long time for a debut. Plus the possibilities of different matches we could see in the future were previewed. Him versus Chris Jericho. Him versus Neville. Him versus Dean Ambrose. Hell, even him versus Brock Lesnar would be epic. This got me all squishy inside, even though we all knew of this happening 3 weeks ago via the internet. But it was just speculation. And now it became a reality.

This show was great for what it was expected to be. I'll be working on my complete review of this entire show, kickoff show and all. Hopefully it will be done within the next few days but I won't be promising anything.

Anyways let's hope WWE can keep up this momentum all the way until WrestleMania in Dallas. Don't hold your breath. Thanks for everything peeps and I'll be seeing you soon. Peace.


I will be posting my FULL Royal Rumble 2016 review this week so stay tuned for that on my YouTube channel:

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