Monday, February 23, 2015

WWE Fastlane 2015

On The Road To WrestleMania...

Here we are. 35 days until the biggest night of the year, and the WWE brings us the last stop on the road to WrestleMania 31.

It's February 22, 2015 in Memphis, TN and surprisingly it was an overwhelmingly and shockingly good PPV. The WWE worked they're asses off to present a great card. Kudos.

In my first inaugural review I'm not going to critique each match one by one move for move. I have no time for that. I will, hoiwever, recap some of my favorite highlights of the night.

Mizdow. I can't wait til he finally puts The Miz out of OUR miz-ery. Ha ha, pun was intended.

New Tag Team Champs. I'm a fan of Kidd and Cesaro as a team and actually knew they were going over. BTW, nicde outfit from Nattie. A little sable-ish I thought. But can't wait to see what this angle has in store for us.

Paige. She was robbed but i'm sure its not over for her quest to be Diva's Champion again. I'm a huge Paige mark. Very Pretty. Oh, and i'm very fond of women's pro wrestling as you will learn more of in future posts.

Ambrose? Should have won the title but oh well.

Cena vs. Rusev? Good that Rusev went over but it was the same old Cena match just with a different monster heel. Lana is so hot.

Other than that the card still was very good and I very much enjoyed it. Oh... what about the main event?...

Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns. I was really hoping Bryan would win so we can see him go against Brock for the belt at Mania. But Roman more than delivered and Bryan showed him proper respect. The fans in Memphis didn't the shit pout of him so he looked very good. Not a huge fan of Reigns but he's a decent babyface to try and lead WWE into the future. Crius to see where Bryan goes from here as far as Mania goes.

Once again a great show. Put my seal of approval on it so definitely check it out.

Anyways I'm going to try and give more reviews to shows plus add video content you all might like so please come back.

Thanks for now. Let's see how Raw goes.

Oh shit!!! Wait!

Sting vs Triple H. I kinda marked out when Triple H brought out his sledgehammer and Sting countered with his trademark bat. Great segment. And while I'm at it Taker vs Wyatt looks interesting.

Wow! An amazing show. If wrestlemania is going to be like this or better it's going to be a good fucking show folks.

Well, catch ya guys later, follow me on Twitter, and see ya.

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